You’re not always going to love working on your passion- Do it anyway, love it in the end

There’s a common misconception out there,  that when you truly love something, it never feels like work and you always love it.


Now that’s obviously total bull. It’s a lie. And you will end up disillusioned if you cling to this false belief. You’ll convince yourself not to stick to your goals. Not to train. Or not to follow your passion, whatever it may be. Because it doesn’t fulfill your exaggerated expectation. Therefore you clearly shouldn’t be doing it right?


This is the battle we all come across with our passions, from martial arts and training to playing the guitar. Have the understanding, that there will be days that you dread going to train. There will be days when you are able to come up with a million reasons NOT to put the work in. I need to rest, I should stay in bed. I don’t want injuries.


Now don’t get me wrong, we all know the dangers of overtraining.  Sometimes you definitely should miss a session for the benefit of your body and well being. Long term goals as opposed to short term grit and injuries. But let’s face it, we all know the difference between genuine intentions and excuses when we’re truly honest with ourselves.


In these cases when the idea of training makes you cringe, when the thought of it makes you drag your feet, these are the times when you need to make a commitment. To do it anyway.

You will never regret going. You will never sit there afterwards regretting you saw it through. More often than not. You sit there with a sense of euphoria and achievement. Because you didn’t want to do it, it was a struggle. But you did it anyway.


It’s at that point you find your love for it again and love for yourself as you become a stronger person with a fuller understanding of your craft.


So keep pushing. You’re not always going to love your work. But that’s the difference between something you vaguely like and a true passion. The greater the difficulty, the more significant the achievement. So keep going!


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