Running Meditation Technique 

As promised I will be going through a simple running meditation technique with all of you.
Key Benefits I’ve Experienced:
  • Steadying your heartbeat

  • Reducing stress (which in turn reduces stress on vital organs)

  • Making you more in tune with your body (especially helpful in developing good reflexes and learning new techniques)

  • Creates a sense of joy and release during your run

  • Reduction in pain 

Three things are key to this being an effective practise for you.
Focusing on your breathing takes your attention into the body. When you focus on your breathing, you tend to breathe deeper, bringing more oxygen into your system. This allows for greater functioning of the muscles, body and brain. It also creates an over arching feeling of calm.
Being totally aware of your body,  without discrimination.  Just aware of your movements and your whole line of vision. Usually we don’t take notice of our peripheral. If you put your arms straight out in front of you and slowly bring them apart then wiggle your fingers , the furthest point at which your eyes still register a movement is your peripheral. You are taking everything in that you are physically able to.
Keeping a steady pace while you run will help you to maintain your focus and keep in time with your breathing as you enter the meditative state.
The Steps
  • Make sure you have stretched properly and lightly prior to starting. If you want some great ideas follow this link.

  • Just before you begin your run, stand still and take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale through your mouth. You should be breathing with the use of your diaphragm or “belly breathing”. This means that as you breathe in your chest expands and your belly pushes outwards. As you breathe out, your belly caves in as your chest contracts, pushing out the air. For a more brilliantly detailed, in- depth look at this breathing technique and why it’s beneficial, please follow the link. This is the form of breathing you will continue.

  • Begin to run and build your pace to a comfortable level, in time with your breathing. Maintain awareness of your body and your full line of vision as you do this.

  • As you run, count each full breath.

  • Count up to 10 as you run and begin again. Continue this for the duration of the run. Be aware of your movements and everything around you, without mentally commenting on it.

  • The counting technique especially helps those who struggle to clear their minds. You can choose not to count and focus on your breathing on it’s own instead but you must clear your mind of thought. You can observe the thoughts as they come and go but you cannot follow them. You must remain focused on your breathing.

  • Continue for the duration of the run. By the end you should feel calm and energised. 

Well there you have it everyone, I hope you enjoyed this simple running meditation technique. Let me know how you find it. Comment, subscribe, share. HIT that mailing list button.