Limited Time Left in Your Training Camp? Work with your Strengths

Someone asked me recently about preparing for a fight. He only had 3 weeks to go, he had some striking experience and none of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). He was asking me how he could get his BJJ game on point.
Now I have to say outright that in this specific situation. The question itself is absolutely ridiculous. It is the wrong question to be asking all together.
When you have limited time left to go before your fight, you should be forgetting about expanding your knowledge and focus on refining it. You should be operating at a level where active conscious thought is unnecessary. You have drilled and perfected your techniques to such a degree that your body can react quick enough to be instant. Like the piston of an engine. Otherwise you will be too slow.
If you are stuck thinking about how to do the technique itself it leaves no room in the mind for strategising. Without the foresight and room to think a step ahead, instigate combinations and change tactics.
If you have limited time then it is best to focus and perfect what you know. If this individual wanted to learn a technique for BJJ it would need to have been very simple indeed and something they could easily have imagined themselves. More useful would be the drilling of defences from take downs and safe dominant positions such as a solid side control.
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