Hello World of Warriors! Welcome

So I took the step to move my original wordpress blog to this, my main site. Looking at earlier posts and the ‘about’ page funnily enough, you will find out about my background in a bit more detail. Here’s a synopsis for you though.

I am a female, MMA, cage fighter in her 20s, trained in a plethora of Martial Arts since the age of 4. Now you don’t hear that every day, unless it’s the trailer for an assassin spy thriller movie right? Or a coming of age action series (if Hollywood wants to give me a call, rest assured I’m the real deal). I’ve come from and grown up within the martial arts world. I’ve competed in many styles including Judo, Combat Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing.

I’m looking to dispel any myths about MMA of which there are many. I want to offer help, advice and comradeship for martial artists of all different ages and backgrounds, whether practising or looking to compete. Helping you through the hardships, raising topics that might have been taboo, divulging information that only insiders would know and helping you to reach your full potential. A lifetime of knowledge has to be transferred some time right? I know I’m a rarity in the fact of being a woman. So differing perspectives is something I get. I understand the essence of every angle of the fighting game. But of course, you could spend a lifetime analysing it and only scratch the surface.

On the flipside, I also want to help everyone out there who simply admires what fighters have, what martial artists have. Admire the philosophy of the warrior and want to emulate it in their daily life. Whether it’s the fitness and strength, the confidence, the clarity of mind and discipline. Even the body and body confidence. Everybody wants to be the superhero of their own life and I can help to get you there.

Don’t worry, I’ll have a laugh with you along the way and vary my tone.

And of course, I cater to the simply curious

So following all this PLEASE feel free to browse. Please comment, make suggestions, get involved with the information and advice I am hoping to give.

USE the contact page. I’m not lying when I say I really do want to hear from you.

So yeah, let’s get started! Let’s do this (You can tell I was on the cheerleading squad at University can’t you? ……Not even joking…..totally owning that).


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