Don’t prove them wrong. Prove yourself RIGHT.

My dad is a very wise man. He’s taught me , in essence, everything I know.

Something that really struck me was a comment he made just the other week that I wanted to share with you all . This applies to any challenge you may face  in life. Anything you set out to achieve. It targets the cornerstone of a lot of motivational material out there.

It could be anything. Diet, fitness, some goal that seems out of reach. That people don’t believe you’ll reach or don’t want to believe you’ll reach.

I’ll prove you wrong!

How many times have you said that? Or perhaps not even out loud . In your head. I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll prove the haters wrong. I’ll show all of them how wrong they are and how wrong they were to judge me the way they did. 

My father’s response?

Prove me wrong? No. You’ll prove something for 2 seconds. 

Prove it to yourself, prove to yourself that you’re right and prove it for the rest of your life 

We’ve been there. When looking to win a bet for example. Driving ourselves to do something. Fully committed to it. But only for moment. Just to prove that we can do something. Just to prove that we’re right. But it never lasts. Because it’s for the eyes of other people. What happens when no one’s watching?

You should want to prove it to YOURSELF. You should want to prove yourself right. You should always hold yourself accountable. If you set out to do something, you will know how far that goes. How real that is. When a change is affected in you, when you have achieved something that changes your life, be it only person, and it’s real. That is something you will carry with you for the rest of life.

You can’t define what anything in YOUR life means to somebody else. You do  know what it means to you. 

And when you know something’s true in your heart, you have no desire to prove others wrong. These people only irritate you, when there’s some niggling part of you that thinks. What if they’re right? What if I can’t do it, what then? I can’t possibly let that be true, let them realise it and then gloat “I told you so”. When you are completely certain of yourself and dedication, your drive. Well, there is simply nothing to prove at all. Just to be.  

So don’t prove them wrong for a minute. Prove yourself right for a life time.

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